Tejas Kotecha

I’m going to surprise you by saying some weddings and their functions probably won’t need a toastmaster. My own wedding was a small community wedding which although would have been hugely helped by a toastmaster, did not need one. But you appreciate the value and presence of a toastmaster when you see one at someone else’s wedding.

In big Asian weddings in lovely venues, having spent so much time planning and dreaming of a magical day, a toastmaster is probably one of the best investments for you and your family.

The cost of a wedding toastmaster compared to all other expenses is quite small. For example, if your Asian wedding will cost £25,000 then a toastmaster will cost under 2% of that total cost. If you spend around £50,000 then the price of a professional wedding toastmaster is around 1%. Think of it another way – the cost of a toastmaster is roughly the same ballpark as your wedding cake or photobooth/magician.

Wedding Toastmaster Prices

My prices are as follows:

Price for the day: £495

This includes travel costs and meetings/consultations. There is a deposit/ booking fee of £150 with the rest to be paid 2 weeks before the big day.

If your wedding functions are on different days, please get in touch so we can agree a competitive price for all or some of your special occasions.


Wedding Toastmaster: Good Value?

It’s always worth ringing a professional wedding toastmaster and speaking to them about your vision for your wedding. They can offer advice, guidance and tell you how they can help. You can then make an informed decision if you want to have a toastmaster. After a phone call you might decide you don’t need one or you might realise why you definitely want one. The true value for money can be seen by talking to a professional wedding toastmaster to understand what they can do for you and establish what their wedding toastmaster duties could be.

Asian Wedding Services

Most of the expenses for your wedding will be for services: A priest to conduct the ceremony, caterers to feed your guests delicious Indian food or vegetarian food, décor to make the mandap just how you want it. Not to mention A DJ to provide the music, a photographer to capture the special moments and a photo-booth or magician for evening entertainment.

Using a toastmaster is different to the above. They are your “eyes and ears” for the day. There for you and your family. There to help you deliver your vision. An expert on timings. A calm voice to organise your photographs. An official voice to direct people so those food queues aren’t too long. A touch of style and grandeur in the red traditional toastmaster coat. A wedding MC to introduce those speeches. To keep guests quiet for those speeches. To make sure the guests are getting most of the photo-booth, directing them to where the cake is served. The list is endless and can be tailored to your big day.

He or she only wants to carry out your instructions – this is their main focus rather than watching the ceremony, or catching up with relatives and friends. They are one of only a handful of people who want to make your special day perfect.

Toastmaster training

I have been trained by the prestigious English Toastmasters Association and by one of its founder members Richard Palmer. My services include public liability insurance and I am happy to be on the microphone whenever and wherever you want me.

Overall, I really enjoy love doing the job. No wedding is the same. I help as much as I can but know the day is about the happy couple so I like to also work behind the scenes and keep things ticking. If a few glasses of water need to be served to guests, don’t worry as I am happy to get stuck in!

When I get a booking I make sure we chat to each other and I get to know what you and your family need from me. I never book back to back weddings as this means I cannot focus 100% on your day.

At all times I am your eyes and ears, and I work to make your day absolutely perfect. If you feel I would be the perfect fit for your wedding, then feel free to get in contact with me and let’s have a chat.