Tejas Kotecha

No wedding is exactly the same for a wedding toastmaster and the duties and responsibilities can vary depending on the occasion. But the main wedding toastmaster duties can be summarised by these key points.


One of the most important duties of a toastmaster is to communicate with all suppliers and the guests. Good toastmasters will liaise with suppliers on the day and communicate any issues or tasks with the relevant venue staff or guests. This can range from directing guests in a certain direction, telling them what is happening, and dealing with a variety of questions. These range about the day’s schedule, any last-minute changes, and where to go! A good strong voice always helps if a toastmaster is making announcements. A toastmaster will communicate with authority, integrity and professionalism and can help your special occasion run with style.

Greeting the Guests

One of my main duties as a toastmaster at wedding receptions is to greet as many people individually when they arrive and welcome them to the special day using the couple’s names. That first unique touch also allows me to answer any questions from guests about things like ‘where can I put my wedding envelope’, ‘are there any non-alcoholic drinks’, ‘do you know if….?’ These are all questions that are ‘soaked up’ by a toastmaster in a bright red uniform that put guests at ease and means the bride and groom’s close friends and family can relax and just enjoy the perfect day.

Wedding Speeches

A wedding toastmaster knows the speeches are often a nervous time for those involved. Often the duties can involve introducing the speeches and speakers, and getting the crowd silent so everyone can listen without distractions. I am experienced in helping with advice on speeches/potential jokes and can also advise on the order and the traditions of wedding speeches.

If you want, I can also deliver speeches on behalf of relatives/friends who are nervous and I am more than happy to keep the crowd entertained to fill any time in the schedule. A great touch at wedding receptions is using the time in between speeches or performances to ask special guests from abroad to give their blessings/best wishes to the happy couple. By only asking for a few words you can get five guests from abroad to address the happy couple in just a few minutes.

Wedding Photographs

At Asian weddings the photographs are a key part of the day and getting these done quickly and efficiently is key to keeping timings. For me, this is one of the biggest advantages of having a wedding toastmaster. Handing the list of the group photographs to a toastmaster will really help to make this a smooth process.

I would often call 2-3 groups at once, so the next group is ready to go as soon as the first group has finished their picture. It is up to the couple to decide the order of photos, but I really like the system of allocating a number to the group. So, if the bride’s university friends would for example be group 9, they know roughly how close they are to taking the photo and you can also tell them a few days before they are group 9 and to be ready together.

The biggest confusion around photographs at Asian weddings includes letting people know when their photograph is so they can know when the best time is to grab some delicious Indian food!


A wedding toastmaster would not be doing his duties properly if he or she did not co-ordinate well. Amongst all the people to co-ordinate with are the bride and groom, the close family and friends, best man, photographers/videographers, DJ, the staff at the venue and of course all the guests.

A toastmaster is a great authority figure to pass on really important messages and to pass on a change of plans to all suppliers who need to know. With the traditional red coat and uniform, a toastmaster is also a visible presence who has the authority to co-ordinate and will be listened to because they are chosen by the bride and groom.

Taking the Stress Away

The main duty of a toastmaster for many couples is that they take the stress out of the big day. He or she can deal with dozens of questions throughout the day and is experienced at finding quick answers or finding the people who can sort out any issues that arise. It leaves the couple and family and friends time to enjoy the day because they are not running around checking things or worrying. Toastmasters often deal with questions from the families of those getting married which start with ‘Can you…?’ Knowing the happy couple and the plan for the wedding day helps me to deliver any requests easily.

Adding a Touch of Glamour

A professional toastmaster can also add that touch of glamour and sophistication to a wedding. Their personality reflects on the happy occasion and can change the course and momentum of the wedding day. Many suppliers will tell you they love working with toastmasters because they are the first ‘port of call’ for any questions.

If you’re interested in having a wedding toastmaster for your wedding day, then feel free to get in contact with me now and we can take a look at how introducing some of the duties above will help make your day even better.