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Asian Wedding Toastmaster - why choose one?

Asian weddings are often large occasions. Toastmasters can offer that all important uniform which makes a day stand out. They offer guidance, are your "eyes and ears" for the day and will make sure your day goes smooth as possible.

A toastmaster can help with a range of things - no wedding or function is the same. Perhaps you want help with a speech on the day, maybe you need help in getting guests to be quiet, or perhaps you need to make sure guests are guided to the seat on time?

That smily face and the credibility will go a long way to making your event stand out. They might make sure all guests know about the cake being served, introduce the bride and groom into the room, or those giving speeches, and take the pressure off you and your family.

Toastmaster are experienced in dealing with lots of different scenarios - and coping with a smile on their face. Use their guidance on the day, and let them take the stress off yourselves and your family. It's so much easier for suppliers to liaise with the toastmaster than find someone with authority on a busy day with lots of things going on.

Toastmasters cost less than the price of a wedding cake, yet they offer so much more value, save lot of stress, and solved things that could crop up throughout the day.

Unlike caterers or DJs who need to make sure their services are up to scratch, a toastmaster is there for the bride and groom, they are there to work for you, offer the personal touch to everyone you choose to share that special day with. They offer a service, which is a bespoke service which is set by you.

For some couples, they want a toastmaster to suggest ideas before the big day, some want them to do specific tasks such as close the bar during speeches, get people using the Photobooth you've paid money for, or make sure the guests are enjoying themselves and know the itinerary.

Get the toastmaster to do what you would like them to do - all good ones will be delighted to help.

Asian Wedding Toastmaster - what can you expect?

You should always aim to meet your toastmaster, and at least speak to them on the phone.

Most couples will know straight away whether you can see/visualise the toastmaster at your wedding function.

It could be the voice, generosity, professionalism, or thinking he or she will add the right qualities that you want for your wedding.

Your toastmaster should have these three main qualities:

  • Professional - your toastmaster is there for you and is like your "visual spokesperson" on the day - carrying out his or her duties as guided by the couple before the big day. They will have an official uniform on which adds gravitas, legitimacy, and that special sparkle
  • Calmness - Whatever is happening, your toastmaster will be calm and manage any situation no matter how stressful. He/she is there to
  • Charming - the toastmaster will be visual and one of the people who every guest will see or encounter. So it goes without saying a toastmaster will not end the day with a few alcoholic drinks with the guests! Instead they will be on hand to help/guide guests, add a special touch to the day, and make sure the day goes how you wished.
Indian Wedding Tips - what are the key things to focus on?
  1. Timings on the day: have a clear plan using a spreadsheet to detail how you see things planning out, and make sure you share it with relatives and suppliers!
  2. Leave extra gaps in timings to accommodate for any delays - it's easy to be early and make up timings over lunch, or speeches if indeed you are early.
    Give all the key players a role and make sure all suppliers know who they should take instructions from - the last thing you want is someone guessing what is happening and tell the caterer or DJ to do something which you don't want or expect.
  3. Photos: Get the photo lists ready and alert your guests if they are going to be involved in photos beforehand! They can then organise with each other to be ready. Give them a number too - e.g. you are Group 5, so the toastmaster can call out names and numbers! You will save lots of time, and nobody should miss being in that all important group pic.
  4. Contingency plans: have some back up plans just incase. For example, what happens if it's raining during the drinks reception outside? Point out who's in charge of the different aspects to the key suppliers and the toastmaster so we can deal with any issues if they arise.
  5. Be different! Whether that's a small wedding where you want a digital detox: take phones off guests so they can soak in the occasion, or whether you want a magician to entertain people as they queue for lunch. It's a day you want people to remember and if it's unique or different they are more likely to remember it!
Indian Wedding Venues - where should I consider?

Every couple has their own views on where to hold the wedding.

Perhaps you’ve been to somebody else’s wedding and want the same venue but in your own style, or want to try somewhere none of your guests have been to.

Here are just three venues I’ve been to and some of the positives they hold.


A real favourite for Asian weddings, and is located in Isleworth in London, but it’s off the beaten track in terms of busy city life.

It has free parking and you know they are experienced in Asian weddings so are used to the demands you may have.

It’s part of the Hilton brand so you know about the quality beforehand.

Also means guests can stay till late, and drive home quickly if they live in London or could also stay overnight in the same venue


Another favourite among Asian weddings, this time located in the centre of London, in Mayfair.

Unlike other venues parking, driving to the venue, and the costs of parking are factor for some guests. For the younger crowd who like to have a few drinks, they need to consider a way to get home, such as taxis etc or find somewhere close to stay.

The appeal to most people is the glamour of the hotel, the luxury and the fact most major suppliers will have worked at the venue before.


Rather than travelling into central London many couples prefer beautiful country venues like Braxted Park just an hour or so outside of London, where the venue is exclusively yours.

These places are booked on a “dry-hire” basis, so you can make the wedding the perfect occasion for you.

They are increasingly popular amongst young Asian couples as the parking is not a problem for guests, and there are lots of hotel options close by for families to stay in before and after the wedding.

It also provides a great backdrop for wedding photos for you and your guests.

And you don’t have to share the venue with other hotel guests etc.

The wedding event manager is dedicated only on you and your guests and there are no other external factors since your wedding is not taking part in a hotel.

Why choose me?
  • Trained by the prestigious English Toastmasters Association
  • Public liability for £5m
  • Can and would love to help with speeches if required - good jokes are up my street
  • Happy to entertain the crowd if needed
  • I am there for you and to make your special occasions the best they can be
  • No extra costs if timings overrun and no travel costs will be added - the price we agree is what you pay
How do I pay you?

To book myself, there is a booking fee of £150 payable via bank transfer, with the rest payable 4 weeks before the day I work. Weddings can be expensive, so please ask paying by instalments - it is what I did for my own wedding!