Tejas Kotecha

As you may have discovered as a newly engaged couple, planning a wedding is particularly hard work. With this in mind, delegating to a handful of trusted wedding suppliers and specialists is a way of creating the wedding day of your dreams and keeping your sanity! There are a number of wedding suppliers that you couldn’t and shouldn’t be without. Your wedding photographer, caterer, videographer and florist are a few of the professionals who’ll help you achieve wedding perfection.

However, most people overlook the role of a professional toastmaster. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the role of a toastmaster and explore what benefits you can unlock with their help.

Through great organisation methods, charisma and a general caring nature, wedding toastmasters are becoming more popular for weddings. Taking a leading role in the flow of a wedding, a toastmaster ensures that each aspect functions smoothly to relieve stress from the couple. By doing so, it creates a better experience all round for those attending and solidifies itself as a special day, without negative memories.

If you have any enquiries on hiring a toastmaster, be sure to contact Tejas Kotecha. Specialising in Indian and Asian weddings, he brings a refreshing touch to wedding toastmasters with his youth and understanding of the industry. Be sure to contact him now via his website or 07786 513686 for further information and planning details.

The role of a toastmaster

A toastmaster, or master of ceremonies, plays a vital role on the wedding scene. They are responsible for announcing toasts and introducing the speakers. These would traditionally be the father of the bride, best man and groom, although bride speeches are becoming the new normal. Toastmasters aren’t just prevalent at weddings, they work within the business world, making formal announcements at large corporate events.

Benefits of having a toastmaster

A good toastmaster acts as your wedding’s MC and coordinator leaving you to enjoy your wedding day without the worry of organising suppliers and making sure guests are in the right place at the right time. In addition to working with fellow wedding suppliers, a toastmaster offers excellent support to the bride, groom and wedding party members, each of whom has their own important role to fulfil.

Many think that a toastmaster’s responsibilities are covered by the best man’s duties. Trusting a professional and their expert management skills will guarantee a positive outcome on your big day. With the help of a toastmaster your day can run smoothly, eliminating any stress for the bride and groom.

Be sure to contact Tejas Kotecha now via his website or 07786 513686 for further information and planning details.