Tejas Kotecha

At Indian weddings, it’s increasingly rare to see a magician these days. Many of the best ones can cost upwards of £400 and these days it’s more fashionable to have a Photo Booth so your guests can take away a photo as a memento and the happy couple can also share those memories. The best ones are “Magic Circle” magicians who have to pass exams

If you have the money for a magician here is some of the ways you can use them.

  1. When guests are in a queue for food, this is a great time for a magician to entertain the crowd. It will make time go quicker for those guests, and let your wedding toastmaster co-ordinate with he magician where to go
  2. A magician can bring different groups together. For example at a reception he/she can bring different generations together to do a trick, or grab two different groups of friends
  3. Use a magician to make your guests be where they want to be. If you know it will be a struggle to get people to sit down for the wedding reception – instruct your magician to only do magic to people seated at their tables, or usher people to their seats while doing a trick.
  4. Magicians are a great way to wow the older generation at weddings. They will likely be the most impressed by tricks and talk about them afterwards!
  5. Encourage the magician to take photos and make sure your photographer captures the moments of people experiencing the magic