Tejas Kotecha

A common misconception is assuming a wedding toastmaster is a wedding planner, but they are more of an individual that carries out a variety of tasks during the special day. They are largely responsible for carrying out the plan of the day, ensuring everything runs smoothly and stepping in when it may not. They usually arrive an hour before the wedding starts to make sure all the suppliers are in place, the venue is organised and all necessary preparations have been made.

Through great organisation methods, charisma and a general caring nature, wedding toastmasters are becoming more popular for weddings. Taking a leading role in the flow of a wedding, a toastmaster ensures that each aspect functions smoothly to relieve stress from the couple. By doing so, it creates a better experience all round for those attending and solidifies itself as a special day, without negative memories. 

If you have any enquiries on hiring a toastmaster, be sure to contact Toastmaster Tejas Kotecha. Specialising in Indian and Asian weddings, I bring a refreshing touch with my youth and understanding of the industry. Be sure to contact me on 07786 513686  or fill out my contact form for further information and planning details.


A Wedding Toastmaster’s Variance

A wedding toastmaster has a variety of tasks to take care of before and during the special day, with each wedding toastmaster tackling these tasks in a different fashion. Often, as expected, couples can be extremely specific on what their wedding day entails. Though, with the daunting task of wedding planning, it can be hard to execute certain aspects without professional knowledge, this is where a wedding toastmaster exceeds.

Through experience and training and a general ambition to see a couple enjoy their wedding day to the fullest, a good wedding toastmaster will put these issues to rest. And by working alongside the couple to eliminate any poor concepts or misplaced judgement, this can create a ripple effect. Attending a wedding, guests will expect food, music, amongst other things, but at the top of that list of expectations, is the couple’s happiness. This is no different for a wedding toastmaster, as the positivity and general function of the wedding is their number one priority.


A Wedding Toastmaster’s Tasks

No two tasks are the same for wedding toastmasters, with consideration of theme, religion, scale and a heap of other factors. As imaginable, a wedding toastmaster will be required to be versatile in their approach, depending on the type of wedding day. Certain weddings can be loud, colourful and busy, whereas others may be small and personal. This splits a great wedding toastmaster from an ordinary one, due to their knowledge of the industry and all round versatility.

If a wedding toastmaster sounds like an intriguing concept for your special day, be sure to contact Tejas Kotecha here and we wish you all the best for your special day.