Tejas Kotecha

There are lots of ways you will make to make your wedding day stand out – here are five really simple touches that guests have told me about

  1. There are lots of pictures taken at weddings on phones, so get your groups of friends to set their own WhatsApp group so everyone who takes pics can share them on that group – it saves 4 different phones to take the same picture and you have one area where your group of friends can see all the pics taken. And the married couple can look back on them too.
  2. Pictures of the happy couple – showing photos of you together is brilliant, but photos of the bride and groom when they were toddlers/children/teenagers really stand out. People love to see what you looked like, whether it’s relatives who want to reminisce, or guests who can’t believe what you looked like.
  3. A receiving line – this is very uncommon in Asian weddings, but there trend to do this with parents of the bride and groom at the reception. When guests arrive they are greeted by the parents of both sides very briefly. It’s a nice personal touch that can work for the first 30-45 minutes of a wedding reception.
  4. Make sure the view is the best it can be. For Indian weddings, it’s much easier to concentrate for the wedding if you can see what is going on. Get the venue’s help — they will have a better idea of how to arrange seating so you get a better view
  5. Make sure people are quiet. Whether it’s a wedding or time for speeches, it’s important for people to be able to hear what is said. Get your toastmaster to help with this – I would suggest getting him or her to introduce the speeches when there is silence, rather than whoever is doing the speeches trying to quieten the crowd