Tejas Kotecha

Are you Looking for an Indian Wedding Toastmaster? My name is Toastmaster Tejas Kotecha and I am a professional member of the prestigious English Toastmasters Association. I would love to be able to help bring your special day to life.

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As an Asian Wedding Toastmaster, I’m full of hints and tips when it comes to making your day special and help you keep focus! Below I’ve put together just a few pieces of advice when it comes to the key things that need to be considered at your wedding.


  1. Preparation, preparation preparation. Remember the hard work you put in will be reflected on the day. Helping guests with hotel ideas, how to get to the venue will avoid unnecessary delays. Giving the photographer and DJ all the necessary info well in advance will decrease the stress. Having a rehearsal/dry run the week before is a big tip which not many couples take advantage of.
  2. Use your friends and relatives. There will be lots of offers of help, don’t be shy about using them for small tasks. Perhaps one or two family members can encourage people to sign the wedding book, have a receiving line where parents from both sides welcome every guest to a reception to add that personal touch, maybe a couple of uncles could help with the meet and greet … making the most of the start of the reception, and get a trusted/friend relative to keep any gifts/envelops locked and secure.
  3. Photographs with the happy couple. This is a key part of the wedding day and an area where timings can slip. Provide your toastmaster with the list – it’s much better than getting a relative to do it … they can of course help the toastmaster by helping to get guests ready and standing next to the mandap.
  4. Who will be attending. Your guests, their ages, and their backgrounds will play a big part in how you plan your big day. Are they travelling from far? Is it a small wedding or a larger one? Is it a silent wedding? All these will influence how your special day goes.
  5. Put yourself in the minds of a wedding guest. What did you like and not like at a previous function? How will your wedding be different from others. How do you want people to remember your special day. If you view your day from the minds of a wedding guest, it will improve your very special day.