Tejas Kotecha

As if planning an Asian wedding wasn’t hard enough, now you have to consider the impact of the coronavirus. Here are a few tips with liaising with suppliers and your wedding toastmaster.

  1. BE QUICK – as soon as you know you can’t have an Asian wedding on the date, get in touch with all the suppliers. Arrange refunds. Where they won’t give money back, but transfer to a date, don’t be shy in saying you need the money back, and perhaps arrange to leave 10% as a non-refundable deposit and offer to pay the other 90% 3 months before the rearranged date.
  2. CHANGING DATES: If you need to change your date, then all toastmasters should be willing to change date, as long as that new date is not double booked. If not, like with all suppliers push for a refund and check the terms and conditions to anything you might have signed.
  3. KEEPING GUESTS INFORMED: Keep wedding guests up to date about your plans. A recent wedding invite I got said they were planning for the wedding to go ahead in late June, unless explicit government advice meant they had to cancel. They also noted they expected large crowds so for people to bear that in mind if they were at risk of coronavirus
  4. GUEST MIGHT BE MORE AVAILABLE: With the coronavirus restrictions, people are not making plans for the foreseeable future. That means once normal life resumes, your wedding could be a great celebration of normal life resuming. It could make your wedding even more special. And with the majority working from home
  5. USE THE TIME WISELY: It’s a great opportunity when people are at home to get those crucial RSVPs, and use any extra time to make the wedding day all the more special.