Tejas Kotecha

  1. Meet with wedding suppliers in person – It’s easier to do things over the phone, but it’s worth the time and effort to sit down to tell them exactly what you want. Keep a day spare to visit all the suppliers.
  2. Ask for help! Lots of friends and family will be only happy to carry out tasks, so pick a few to help with small tasks such as helping your wedding guest book to be filled, or encouraging people to have welcome drinks – it all helps make your special occasion stand out
  3. Get your guest list organised as soon as possible – so give people a nudge via text, whatsapp etc. You don’t want to do a beautiful table plan while wondering who can make it
  4. Make the location/parking situation clear – most guests worry about where the venue is and can they park. So send that info with the invitations or make it clearer closer to the time. It also means guests are more likely to be there early or on time!
  5. Organise the group photos well – This is a key part where timings can slip, and vital guests can miss being in the photos. Have the lists read and let your toastmaster organise it all so your close family can relax and meet the guests knowing all will be handled well.