Tejas Kotecha

Richard P
As a founder member of the English Toastmasters Association (the leading organisation for toastmasters), I am pleased to offer this testimonial about one of my colleagues that I am proud to work with and share the joys of taking care of our clients. I have known Tejas Kotecha for some time now and we have worked together as toastmasters, sharing ideas and discussing the best ways that we can look after our clients at weddings and events of all sorts. Our clients are very important to us and their care is paramount at all types of functions, from weddings to corporate, charity and hospitality themed events. Tejas is careful to focus on the things that are important to his clients and to make sure that they have a function remembered for all the right reasons, with happy guests that appreciate his calm manner and attention to detail. I am very pleased to be able to refer Tejas for all sorts of work where a calm and careful presence is needed for the success of your event. His manner is charming and he will look after you with care and competence so you will have a successful and happy event with fond memories. Above all, you will have a toastmaster that cares for you and your guests and strives to offer the best possible service.