Tejas Kotecha

Nav M

I’d highly recommend Tejas as a wedding toastmaster – I’ve seen him at weddings (including his own) … you will have someone who is bright, thoughtful, committed and most of all work very hard to ensure you have a perfect day. Crucially, he will also help with any speeches you need and get the crowd quiet for you – a must have feature at Indian weddings! 👌

Manisha K

Humerous, witty and sharp! Kept everyone entertained at my 50th. Has some great one liners. A fantastic personality that added that extra touch and humour to my celebration! Thank you!!!!

Elisha K

I have known Tejas for many years. He is funny, witty, easy going and very entertaining. He can take a party of strangers and gel them together. He is the life and soul of every event. He will transform your wedding into a memorable day, his jokes will have you in hysterics. I can tell you from experience that his ice breaker tricks will ensure every last guest leaves feeling included and having had a great time……oh and be prepared for his dance moves!!

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